Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

And I Knew

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I just knew, like I’d been told, but never believed.
I just was, and felt that feeling, and everything and every moment made sense.
All the fairytales evaporated and in place was this mesmerizing calm.
No drama. No dips and curves. No exclamation marks. Just peace.
I knew like I’d never forgotten. I remembered without thinking.
And just like that I was back where I belonged: home.
He was that moment, that sunset, that sunrise. The day inside of me.
I couldn’t have felt it better, if I tried; and even so, no effort arose.
All was easy, all serene, all surrendered without need to give.
Still the subtleness came of wanting to show something, but not prove.
Just my light. Just my truth. Just my being, my simple being.
He took me then, like a treasure into his chest, held me there and caressed my soul.
And I knew, like I’d been told, but never believed.

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