Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

Love Song


If I write a love song, will you play it for me?

So I might be one with your fingers and lips.

If I edge my eyes upward, will you meet my beckoning?

So I might dance in the loveliness of your sight.

If I pour the wisdom of my heart, will you drink from my fountain?

So I might taste as one with your pearly mouth.

If I serve the appetite of love, will you devour my kindness?

So I might rest in the supper of your beauty.

If I move in the manner of angel, will you feel my wings’ giving?

So I might send the wind of deep ache into the center of your desire.

If I whisper my sweet secrets, will you whisper back?

So I might find innocence in the reciprocity?

If I glide through your shadow, will your outline sway?

So I might erupt in you what fire burns in me.

If I proclaim myself your maiden, will you seize me in your embrace?

So I might be carried into your chamber of dove feathers.

If I surrender my being and all that I am, will you claim me as yours?

So I might be kept in the freedom of your absent captivity.

If I carve your name into my bosom, will you acknowledge my flesh?

So I might be sworn anew within the coming of your seeing.

If I but scream in agony my aloneness, will you weep too in my presence?

So I might cleanse my pain with the heavenly taste of your waters pure.

If I give you my all, my last breath and dignity, will you lift me still?

So I might rise in your presence and drift as the weightless one of grace.

If I stand here naked, my tethered woes sprung out, will you cover me truly?

So I might be the one of your dreamscape, brought into the endless love of you.

3 thoughts on “Love Song

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  2. Exquisite 


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