Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

I Beckon You

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trees embracing

I beckon you from the corner of my darkness, my shadow side complete in awakening. She is nimble and quick, and dances merrily in the spotlight of eternity. My piece to your piece. My answer to your burning. In my limberness, I bend, creating shapes in the corner of your vision hauntingly enticing, pulling you backwards into the memory of one. I am that dreamscape, the makings of the land you traveled upon and buried your wishes within. I am beneath the dirt, crinkled map pointing the way to treasure. Dig and find me. Pull me up and clasp your heart into mine, so that I may no longer bleed as separate dove. Chase me into the corners of your dreariness and lead me to the place that only you imagine. Show me the riches you have stored in the hidden places of mystery and forbidden. Kiss me a thousand and one times there, beneath the burden exposed, and present to me your tarnished self. Let me embrace you there, in that helpless state of nursing kitten and invite you into my bounty of yearning. Here, with you gathered into my seams, knit your longings thread by thread along the hollowed out portion of my spirit. Make me into the completion you bring,  dreamer set free by the seamstress of dawn. Pleasure me with your asking, and watch as I respond, the maiden of your calling. Let me nibble then, in the places in between us, removing all empty space that does not pronounce our union. Let me cast away the shades of grey that separate the place I am from the place you be. Emerge as one with me in this twilight of our reckoning, establishing a place for the unraveling of truth and justice. I want you like the milk maiden longs for the pasture of noon day; to climb the gentle slopes of green and dive into the richness of pure warmth, the ligaments beneath me only yours and the sunlight I behold taking me in further than the depths of worlds. Take me as the infinite one, and corner me in your awakening, chasing me down the hallways in a child’s game of conquest. Blindfold me and remind me of my foolishness; then, in the darkness still, lift me to the light above and show me of myself, the mirror of you. Lift me in your bold arms, and caress my body with your equal ache. Mold me into the reflection of your dreams and set me free upon your shoulder. There I shall be, dove free to fly,  though frozen in my entwining to reach you further, to touch the innermost region where the bursting of two ignites the flame of forever. Hold me there, in this carved out cape of you, my face and figure covered in the night you bring. Keep me as your safe haven, the one beneath the covers always awaiting, and bring me out to shine when the wonderment of life ceases its amazement. And I shall stay there, suffering in the gentle agony of bliss, until the last of the birth of days, until all death is vanquished, all memory returned, and the centuries spun are but sand turned in hourglass. I shall lean up against your flesh and warm you in the cold, and I shall blow my fragrant breath of coolness in the areas of heat. I shall be that one, the eternal rising lover, begging for her giver to return again and again, crawling across the plentitude of your castle, bare knee after bare knee, bled and beatened in my own making, for the love of you.

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