Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion


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I am

I call out

Anchoring joy in a silhouette of soft molded butter

Sinking desire into the comfort of your enclosure

I am

I ricochet off the edges of your existence

The silence between my heartbeats

The proclamation of my promises

To hold you



In the open space

I am

Set free



Delicately placed at the threshold

Of our unbridled wishes

Blow me as the dandelion birthed

Come where I wither still

Weeping past

The soaked flowers that steal my rain

The cup

My seized soul

Whispering for the flavor of you

Tender droplets that carry

As honeydew-sweetness

The essence of wanting

The essence of waiting

How I open and reopen

A vessel precariously cautious

In expectation and hope

Mirroring your rippled outstretched tongue

As butterfly thirsty

Lapping up

Life’s bleeding nectar

Edging down our windowed pain

Forgive me

Take all

I am

As ghost warrior traced with innocence

Come dear glistening starlight

Descend the caverns of my broken stairwell

And enter gently the calming rivers

I am

Plenitude opened

Pleasure made

For the quake I name you

Come as you are

And paint onto this hungry canvas

Strokes of our symbiotic passion

Blended colors ribbed into being

Formed into the true vision

I proclaim

I am

Waiting long past the last breath

Never releasing

Never forgoing

Until every last part of you calls out

In surrender

In tenderness

In unyielding completion


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