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The Wish


I am here
I claim
Unreasoning the ways of the past
Unwinding the places we fall
I am here
You call
Your breath placating my wishes
Tormenting me with whispers alive
Ears gleeful from your tickled love
Hold me
In completion
You trace around
My soul
A tethered pole of longing
And I do
With all I can imagine
And see
The senses untangled
By the ache instilled
Through unknown makings
The fawn awakened
To the meadow blossomed
The wind returned
To the deep cave of before
Feeding the hidden space
Of sweetness removed
To be the tender grass beneath you
Holding you whilst carrying thy weight
Oh to be the sunrise your eyes behold
Embraced within the chambers of your pleasure
Your vision my doorway to eternity
And to be this someone you love
As if the first were the very last
The last the very first
And cyclically we danced
In adoration unending
To wither before you never
But remain the brilliant seeker found
Captured and returned
Made into the heart of you
How I wish to be beautiful
In your mind for all eternity
To be the wish that came
And satisfied again and again
Without failure
Without anything but tender return
How I wish to bottle up the peace you savor
And make you see I am the very vessel
That holds the wanting
No less the blanket to your sorrow
Than the wings to your joy
Yet, here
In my completion
Enough to fill
Again and again
With your richness
Your freedom
Your pleasure
How I dream of being
The one that always remains
The tender love
Of your lifetime

~ Marcelle

* all rights reserved.

Me reading the poem at this link:

3 thoughts on “The Wish

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  2. Reblogged this on Vesper's Aria and commented:
    I have been reading this charmer a LONG time now, and tho I often stay silent, she has a way. Listen for yourself. Just lovely.

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