Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

Where We Stand

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We have been taught by the world our frailties and inherent flaws in  infrastructure. Shown time and time again how we ought act and how we ought exist. Everyone about has bought into the formulated truth, spawned by the select from a cauldron of greed and mongering. We are hungry, tis true, to find what we are in need of. But we are taught by the select that we are in need of repair; when in truth we are in need of union and acceptance.

Societal law breeds distaste and separation, and leads the blind by a pull-string, settling them down to graze in poisonous grass and to surrender their lives through intoxication. They, the many, are made drunken by distrust, broken dreams, established lies, and fallen pride. They are mutilated, from the inside out, with the promises of safety, when burdened again and again with trickery meant to trap them in mediocrity and an ever-established cycle of want.

We are taught to take and take, and to replace pain with substance. The substance doesn’t matter, as it symbolically serves as substitute for the fear bearing down on us. A fear, breed again, from the collective belief of absence, need, and various ways in which to fill the gaping hole which is us. Each individual speared and beheaded, without notice, and placed on a map of discovery. Opening up, repeatedly, the absence of nothing, and reacquainting self with replacement.

We have been made open, torn open, and slaughtered by a mentality of consumerism. Eating one another in hopes of sidestepping starvation. We are made to feel unsatisfied and unsettled, and then lead, as blind ones to the feeding grounds again. Lost in a dynamic play predicated and eradicated by the elite that gather in forbidden places and dramatize their power to elicit control. Those that know, know this well, and the others, are set in blinders—the fear of reality overpowering the mind’s reasoning to see the truth of matters.

There is a shield created, that keeps us out, a shield that is fortified by our fear, in which the mind keeps us from seeing what is. There is no better way to hide, then to create an illusion that forces others out by their own fear—their responses fueling the protective mechanism of safe harbor for one and all.

Here is where we stand, in a world undone by another world; the lost ones crying out for justice. It is a rebellion of sorts, centering in our hearts, and soon there will be an explosion, rightly so. And the elite, who circumvent their own causation, and create that which is for one and one alone, will soon bleed out their own blood to replace the blood of thousands before them sacrificed as one to the source.

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