Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion




You are the lilac that blooms for eternity, your fragrance poured in by the breath of father wind,

You are the angelic shadow cast upon the daylight path, your guidance my constant companion,

Your voice is the voice of truth, beyond reason or understanding, merging with the divineness within to form formidable buttercups of grace,

I shine in your presence, though your presence be not, and glide in your opportunity, though the bestowal beseeches all,

I am the gifted one of gratitude, your fresh abundance everlasting in the cradle of my soul’s watchtower,

I hear you, and I am beckoned, swaying out in the gown of dignity and righteousness, and bowing in awe of your allure,

I find you in the night, your sword set asunder, your shield made of protective gold molded around the shell of butterfly gone,

For I am yours, and you are mine, the window through our merging into the outer regions of the motherlands,

I sing to you, with voice so dear, I stop to taste the beauty near, my lingering thoughts captured in the light you proclaim and penetrate through the hollowed door of what was,

I am and I am not, with your coming, the one I knew, made reborn in the chamber of your calling, a dove-lit burden unwound and reformed into your making,

I would die for you, bend my being into the telescope of tomorrow and cascade the chest-filled laugher that bellows in the distant naught,

Gather my seams, birthed rich and gem-coated, and stitch me again and again, into the something you see,

I am yours in this carousel of nowhere, the beauty at your doorstep, smooth as the waters blue streaming into what I know is me,

Mixing in my sunlit kisses with the embraces you have saved in solitude, blending my inching soul with the sky you open anew,

You are the echo gathered in the corridor of the narrow way of substance, the hither forward sound the distant heart of mine,

I have waited through the ages inside the rings of the ancient forest tree, counting the circles as lover connects the stars,

I have rested in the evergreen glades, announcing my name to you, knowing nothing of when or where,

I have held with heavy fist the clay of your form, melding and welding the wants of lifetimes into the creation you be,

I have sacrificed my sweetness upon your blazing chest, the fire you carry, the one that fuels my surrendered heart,

I have told you again and again, through shattered whispers fragmented through the centuries, I would wait,

I have blessed my own suffering in the recognition of knight returned, the tears my refuge, in the days the watering can died empty,

I have broken my entire soul for you, given the last of my scissoring agony in trade for the promise of homecoming,

And still I wait, this chalice unfurled, in hopes of your passing, in hopes of your remembering, in careful wish sewn agape, trusting you shall awaken to your own,

And here, in this bed of my passion bloomed, I whisper, my soldier not-forgotten, my fleeing warrior branded across my bosom,

His very face, my very flesh, his movement, my touch, his everlasting starlight, the jetting arch of beacon, carrying heartsick champions through the threshold of dreams,

Landing nowhere, feeling no one, tasting only the spoken remembrance of his honey-dew, the guardian wisp of union unbroken.

~ Marcelle

4 thoughts on “Recrudescence

  1. sublime you for reading ❤ thank you very much 🙂

  2. What beauty is this? I feel not unlike the Angels above, for to stumble upon such a human and spiritual dance- I am compelled to look away! As even a glance seems to overstep my invitation to witness such touching moments of your grace. So with a smile, I leave you in all your glory until next time Beautiful Lady.

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