Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

Love Moves


thank you

“Thank You”

Love moves

And she comes

In gentle ways of shadow’s delight

How she runs, the wild woman on the wall

How she shines, though eternal night

Tickle me she giggles in blissful merriment

Dance  in this spinning of time

Kiss me in the pink of summer

Bury me in the blanket of snow

Find me in the valley

Chase me through the canyons

Capture me in your holy delight

She sings

And I come running

To find her once more

To fancy her ways

To laugh at her glorious lust

Her undeniable longing

Her echoes of opened-vaulted freedom

How she flutters

Pure butterfly



Naked in the day hours

Scattered in gold dust with the moon’s blessing

Her grace

Her wisdom

Her eternal brightness

Take my hand

She teases with her starlit eyes

Take my heart

Take my All

Come enter the womb of pleasure

Come sit in the chamber of silence

Come gasp in the ear of lover

Undo your self

Undress your frailties

Your questions

Your fears

I am here

I am here

I am here

My sweet adoration

Come in your innocent ways

And feel the fresh waters

Bathe in the release

Tender your mercy

Kind your embrace

Break me

This shadow I am

Fissure my shell

Bust open to yoke

And devour all that is


2 thoughts on “Love Moves

  1. Sounds so tantalizing and necessary!!

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