Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

Sunlit Lover



Even with all the treasure split open

With all proclaimed false

I sit at my loom of nowhere

Spinning my tale of nothing

Bending my villain and my champion

Into threads to bear

Each chance falling

From the pierced sky

I shift

One second collapsed into the next





Transcended into the universal space

Measured out in sequence

And, yet, I find you

Someplace between the concept of lost

And pleasingly found


In your crevices and ways

In whispers never spoken

My shadow man

Singing at my window in the woken hours

My daylight dreams painted by anticipated footsteps

Enchantment vibrating

Through the honey dripped words

Materialized from lips turned

In surrendered thoughts


Beauty never pressed close enough

Meandering droplets of encased love

Into the well

Of consciousness

I proclaim as mine

My sparkling-gold sunlit lover

My cold bitter moon

Where I bask

Blanketed and deemed complete

Until the breaking comes

Reformed and reformed by the illusion

That is you





2 thoughts on “Sunlit Lover

    • Hello Angel! 🙂 My fellow poet. Was thinking of you as I was scribing out my angst on my poetry blog…are we endless in our passion…or what? Hugs to you dear friend. Thank you for traveling with me. 🙂

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