Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion

I Carry You in My Heart


I carry you in my heart
Like the raven who captures tipped-sunlight
In his feathered wing
Like joyous wave drops gathered
Splashing upon open shore
Each the other’s tidings
I carry you in my heart
Sungazer proud, whispering the profoundness
Of captive released
Searching eyes surrendered
In all ways
To freedom
I carry you in my heart
As the wounded soldier long forgotten
As the grieving bridegroom left at altar
As the lost soul-searching,
Passed over, alone
I carry you in my heart
Your rivers, my rivers
Your tale, my tale
Your journey the intermingling splashing of colors burst
Nested into the bountiful union named ‘we’
I carry you in my heart
In all ways perceived
In all ways mastered
In all realities, in all times rendered
And undone
I carry you in my heart
My last silver-starred-hope, risen voice
Song undone and opened wide
Exploded with the glorious ache
Again and again, named you
I carry you in my heart
Nibble away at the succulent goodness
Caress measureless, soft fair light
Cradle sweet treasure tender
Remembering still to soften my hold
And rest you easy
Upon the valley green
Richness, for the taking
I carry you in my heart

2 thoughts on “I Carry You in My Heart

  1. Very moving. I have just found this ! Thank you sam 🙂
    It has reminded me of a long lost love who sadly died ,tragically young in 2004. i only knew him for 5 months. His name was John.
    “I carry you in my heart ” means a lot to me…..
    He actually said those very words to me in a text in the early stages of our dating. He swept me up with those words and it was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me . Still is up there. He also used to say “rest you gentle ” most nights before I went to bed.
    You have the same spirit as he… that’s all i can say …and thank you.
    You have given me a special link back to him with this poem, so I truly appreciate it

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