Belly of a Star

my practice of compassion



Come to me, my precious dreamer. Come to me, in morning song.

Wrapped in sunshine of pure wanting, lips like ribbons churning strong.

Paint a canvas of our story. Make the strokes bleed hard and smooth.

Find me dancing, in surrender, underneath the full lit moon.

Find me spinning, to your calling, my chaliced face a tender gift.

Lift me once and make me captive, trace the wake of my last rift.

Wrap your arms around me roughly, gentle kisses through my door.

Hear me trumpet for my darling, hear me knock for my adored.

I am human. I am spirit. I am flesh, at once reborn.

I am formed within your vision, and a home in you adorned.

I am yours, now surely lifted, by your eyes drawn deep and vast.

I am yours, now truly gifted, by the whole made of our halves.

Kiss my lips now. Make me linger. Make me tremble for your all.

Kiss my nape now. Choose your finger. Wrap the limb around the wall.

Of your beauty. Of your essence. Of your whisk of supple ache.

Of your Mr. Of your Mrs. Of your trembling seizing quake.

I am yours now. I am chosen. I am taken to the top.

I am yours now, as the flower, to the bee who does not stop.

Take my nectar, take my pollen, take the rest you claim I be.

Take my promise, take me captive, take the agony of mystery.

Like a songbird, I will follow, with my beak filled full with worms.

I will feed you, as my only, and give all that we have earned.

From our crying. From our wallows. From our fresh and broken dreams.

I will mend you, like no other, and will build from all I’ve seen.

I will find you, I will keep you. I will hold you ever near.

From tomorrow, from this moment, I am keeper of your fear.

Love me tender. Love me truly. Yearn for me and me alone.

And I shall treasure, you my darling, ‘til the last of song is done.

5 thoughts on “Adorned

  1. So nice to see your beauty shine! This is stunning to the senses, to be able to feel this way…breathtaking.

  2. Perfection aching for itself. Like a Cosmic Burns –

  3. How do you find someone to love like this? How do have someone find you? It’s beautiful!

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